The Green Rush

Durée & Company is equipped to guide your cannabis brand in the proper direction while strategically navigating your public relations and marketing needs. We will do this by spotlighting the product line, telling your unique story, and bringing attention and awareness to your rapidly growing business in key identified markets.

We don’t sit back and wait for clients to have news. We strategize to help clients make the news.

Public Relations & Marketing

Making a case for PR in the CBD Industry.

Crisis Prevention

Developing a public relations plan for every crisis — in advance.

Influencer Relations

Selling the lifestyle is always the goal.

Expertise in the Cannabis Industry

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Public Relations & Marketing

We understand the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and know how to navigate this ever-changing and growing field. With a watchful eye on local and federal legislation, a strong pulse on key expos and leadership conferences, and proven relationships with influencers and thought leaders, we are an established presence in this rapidly expanding community. We work with clients in the cannabis industry and CBD market that are cultivating, manufacturing, producing and innovating with cannabis, hemp and CBD. These companies are seeking expert PR help to define their space among consumers.

Since cannabis and CBD represent all-new information for many, Durée & Company has put forth a number of strategies and creative ways to showcase the CBD and cannabis industry’s allure – such as dropping well-known names into the mix or bringing fresh faces to the media landscape.

As the CBD industry continues to evolve, it has its own unique set of opportunities.

Durée & Company recognizes the need for education and anticipatory-thinking. We’ve worked with cannabis, medical marijuana, hemp and CBD brands, processing facilities, dispensary owners, farmers, growers, cannabis cultivators, and other startups to help establish and communicate the need for Certificates of Authenticity (COAs) – knowing that cannabis and CBD products are always under scrutiny. We understand U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines and how to effectively share news about CBD and cannabis products.

If you’re emerging in your market – be it CBD, hemp, cannabis or medical marijuana – Durée & Company is right there on the cutting edge with you.

Making the Case, One Influencer at a Time.

Our team have relationships with influencers far and wide, spanning topics such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and travel. We’ve worked with a variety of micro- and macro-influencers who help shape the perception of a brand. We also know how to navigate paid influencer opportunities and can negotiate the best terms for your brand.

  • Selling the lifestyle is always the goal.
  • Influencers are unique and require different handling than traditional media.
  • It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Social media influencers are major players in creating buzz for brands.
  • It’s all about quality content that speaks to the demographic.

Navigating the Green Rush

As the “green rush” continues to flood headlines, we keep a watchful eye on local, regional and national news in order to pivot quickly. Our team members are experienced in the cannabis, medical marijuana and hemp/CBD industries, and we know the key players. We have carefully monitored and researched key expos and leadership conferences and have developed proven relationships with the media, influencers and thought leaders in this booming industry.

We are equipped to navigate this industry and know how to tell the right stories to attract potential consumers, partners, retailers and investors. We focus not only on the products offered but also on the business and the people.

Our hemp and cannabis clients include some of the top companies in the industry. We represent or have represented prestigious clients such as ACS Laboratory, Cannabist, Columbia Care, Cresco Labs, Enjoy Hemp, Essential Candy, Florida Hemp Council, GreenWay Herbal Products, Mr. Cannabis Law Natural Life Franchise Corp., One Plant, Paragon Processing, PureCraft CBD, PūrWell, PūrSlēp, SanSal Wellness, Sunnyside, Superior Flow, Tanasi, TBG Hemp, Veritas Farms and many others.

We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game.

“We have found a true partner in Durée & Company. They have a solid understanding of our business and it’s clear they are passionate about the cannabis industry.”

ACS LaboratoryPresident

“Durée & Company has gone above and beyond in every aspect of their work for me and my companies. With a thorough understanding of the cannabis industry, Durée and her team always come prepared with ideas and a solid plan.”

Mr. Cannabis LawFounding Partner

“Their team developed a customized public relations strategy for us to successfully launch our facility, which is the largest operating hemp processing facility in the U.S.”

Paragon ProcessingOwner & Founder

“Knowing this first year can be a critical time, Durée and her team have helped unearth opportunities in this competitive space and have landed us coverage in local and national publications.”

PūrwellChief Executive Officer

“Durée & Company has become our trusted PR partner and has been a proactive advocate for not only our company, but for the industry.”

Veritas FarmsVice President Of Business Development

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